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English for Business - Self Study Course

This is enhanced level of English course comprising of the rules and commendations for better use of grammar while speaking English. Writing in English language can be amended if went wrong but while speaking one cannot afford to use wrong grammar as it may portray something which is not meant. Like, wise words are recommended for dialects similarly proper grammar allows those words to be more effective. This level also allows the student to format his way of writing notices, paragraphs, essays etc.. The apt the way one portrays the potent will be his sayings.


English for Industry- Self Study Course

Some people have the best way of using English language that would ravish their knowledge and abilities. The way you put up your thoughts in front of others is a form of art. The perfect usage of words lets you concise your imagination into sentences that would be understandable. The professional level allows you to know more about English language and the way it can be used in interviews, debates, auditions etc.. Likewise the white-collar the English language has a code of conduct.


Basics of C++

This Course consists of Basic knowledge about C++

2999 per year


This is a basic level course for java (language).This will help you learn basics of java along with some important tweaks to code a program easily.


Kickstart your English Learning! - Self Study Course

This course is the base for whole english grammar.this course contain syllabus from the very beginning of the basics of english. This course helps in improving english writing and speaking as well as reading. English basic is the door to the world of English language. These are the learning steps towards the course of English at logyify. Initials of English after learning alphabets are sentences and its types. How to write meaningfully and the use of correct language is what we provide in this level of the course.


English for Academics - Self Study Course

This level of the English course helps to develop Basic English Grammar of a student that he may use in daily life basis. It consists of Units having topics that are needed to develop a meaningful sentence. It not only improvises a student’s writing skills but also enhances his virtual abilities. Clauses, Speeches, Tenses etc... are basics of English. This course gives the clear chart of Basic English grammar that elevates ones control over English language. As it’s said, once the building blocks are strong the stronger will be the manhattan.

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Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

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2021 © Logyify India All Rights Reserved.